First post and introduction

Welcome to my personal website and blog!

I’ve been writing online since January 2011. Previously, I wrote about a variety of topics at a blog with an absurdly long name. That blog served me well — it hosted some interesting posts about my life and my studies while also introducing me to some of the basics of blogging.

However, now that I have a pretty sweet personal website, I’ll be shifting my blog over to a self-hosted one here. My old blog will continue to exist as a record of old thoughts and pursuits, but I’m excited to ramp things up to a more professional level that will teach me all sorts of things about SEO, WordPress design, and digital media.

Expect more posts here about advertising, public relations, marketing, entertainment, psychology, and so on — but for now I have quite a laundry list of things to take care of around the site. Buckler out!


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