About Me

Hi there! I’m Christian Buckler, current TCU student and aspiring Ad/PR pro.

At Stonehenge, Feb. 2013

At Stonehenge, Feb. 2013

I’m passionate about learning, music and writing — and I’m convinced that the key to a fulfilled life lies in two things: serving others and cultivating an insatiable thirst for varied lifelong learning. I synthesize both into everything I do.

Through a variety of internships, I have gained experience in both small business and in big business, the startup world and the established corporate world, and client-side and agency-side communication. I believe this variety is a major strength, and I enjoy thoughtfully exploring information regarding industry trends, psychology, entertainment and business.

Crew LogoWhile at TCU, I have been highly involved in theCrew, an exciting organization dedicated to endearing students to TCU through irresistible events and experiential leadership opportunities. Through theCrew, I have worked as an event volunteer, event planning Team Leader, Instructor of theCrew’s Crew Academy leadership curriculum, and my current position — Director of Membership Development.

I am also a member of the TCU Drumline, an award-winning ensemble that has challenged me to develop as a musician. I was the PASIC section leader for the Cymbal section of TCU’s 2012 PASIC Champion Drumline, and am the current Cymbal section leader.

I also enjoy watching films, writing, and reading everything from food labels to Victorian literature.

Linh Le
Linh Le

Hi Christian,

I am Linh, the Crew newbie. I think it's super cool that you remember my name the second time you see me. By the way, your blog is very interesting.